Follow The 7 Steps CAREERS Program to confidently manage your career change and discover the essential steps to secure your dream role!

Going through a career transition can be an emotional roller coaster and at times you may feel quite daunted by the entire process.  Let me guide your through the process so that you gain the clarity and confidence to take control of your career and get that dream job!
You’ll learn what really makes you tick, what your transferable skills are and how to create a killer resume and LinkedIn profile.
Discover the most effective strategies to attract the attention of the right people and uncover those hidden jobs.  Take control of the interview process by preparing thoroughly so that you will confidently project your most professional image.  Once you receive an offer, learn how to negotiate effectively and transition into your new job.
If you need more information email or call +61(2) 8076 4808 to book in for a 15 minute consultation to find out how you can take control of your career.


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