BONUS EPISODE: Kickstart Your Career to Find Your Dream Job

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         Welcome to your bonus episode on Your Career Podcast! This is especially for all the listeners who have asked for advice on how to take control of their career and positively focus on how to secure their dream job. This is the introduction to my FREE audio course covering each step […]

7 Easy Tips to Find a Job

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Article originally published in CareerMinds For those who have experienced a redundancy or are in between jobs, looking for a job can put you on an emotional roller coaster. This affects your self-confidence, and may create confusion about what to do next. Finding a new job can be a challenge and if this is coupled […]

FIND YOUR DREAM JOB PODCAST: Interview on Career Change

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My recent interview on Mac’s List, Find Your Dream Job Podcast where Mac Prichard and I discuss what you need to do to rebuild your confidence after a layoff or redundancy. Click here to listen now. Here’s how Mac describes our conversation: “Losing your job—under any circumstances—is a painful, embarrassing experience, and it’s natural to be […]

How to get your dream job : The 7 Steps CAREERS Program

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Follow The 7 Steps CAREERS Program to confidently manage your career change and discover the essential steps to secure your dream role! Going through a career transition can be an emotional roller coaster and at times you may feel quite daunted by the entire process.  Let me guide your through the process so that […]