Always pay it forward.

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I saw an unemployed gentleman in Martin Place today as I was going to a dental appointment.  He’d pinned a sign on the front of his shirt and the same words on a sign on the back of his jacket:  “Please help me survive.  I’m unemployed but I’m not giving up
He had in his hands some felt pens, biros and some loose greeting cards.  His sign also said, “Pens $2  Thank you“. He was wearing a business shirt and a rather crumpled suit.  He looked world weary.
I stopped and asked him his name.  He told me his name is Peter.
I didn’t need a pen or a card but I wanted to give him something and handed over $5.   I noticed I happened to have a copy of my book in my bag (I had planned to give it to my dentist that day.)  I asked Peter what sort of job he was looking for and he said, ‘Anything.’  I told him that it’s important to be more specific so people can help him and he said, ‘Well, any clerical work.’  As my book is all about building confidence and resilience and all the tools to secure a new job, I decided my dentist could wait and so I gave my book to Peter.  He was so happy!
I hope it helps him to ‪#‎findajob‬ while he’s ‪#‎navigatingcareercrossroads‬. It put a smile on his face and a huge smile on mine!
I instantly realised why I was so driven the past year and why it was so important for me to write this book.  It was so that I’d be able to help those who need it but can’t afford career coaching.   This book will give him the tools to rebuild his confidence and practical guidance on each step of the job search process.
Pay it forward.  There is always an opportunity to help someone every day.
I hope that when Peter reads this book he will follow the suggestions and advice and be more successful in marketing himself, in securing interviews and, hopefully, a new job.  All my contact details are in the book and I will wait to see if I ever hear from him again.  If not, I still have a feeling that by him having the book it will give him strength to carry on and know that people do care.
An act of kindness can bring a sparkle to their eyes like diamonds in the sunshine.

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