Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Calvin Correli – CEO & Founder, Simplero


Calvin Correli is CEO of Simplero, the amazing information business that incorporates everything you need to create your own fully functional commercial website with integrations including a membership site, product sales, email marketing, automation and affiliate tracking.

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Calvin is a serial entrepreneur with a strong IT background and a passion for business and life coaching.

From his early days as a software engineer to senior developer and chief UI Architect, Calvin is following his passion for helping entrepreneurs follow theirs!

Calvin has always had a desire to make a difference in the world, to help others and to also be kind to the environment. His first ‘real’ job was as a software engineer and, as that progressed, his found himself drawn more and more toward a difference in all he pursued. Calvin spent time working with a spiritual teacher, which gave him clarity and he now combines his passion for helping others not only through coaching but through creating a platform that helps to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs.

Simplero, quite simply, exists to raise the level of consciousness on the planet.   Calvin believes that he is here to teach a new way to do entrepreneurship that’s deeply rooted in our spirituality and he wishes for all to find self-realisation through entrepreneurship.

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Where to find Calvin


Twitter: @simpleroApp

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