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Have you ever worked so hard for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to relax and just enjoy life?  I’m sorry to admit it, but I’ve been like that recently and I’m the one who coaches people on taking care of themselves!
The past year has been a whirlwind of coaching, training, writing, publishing, promoting, etc and it’s been relentless.  My weekends were put on hold, people were put on hold, people who are very important to me were put on hold, my personal life was put on hold.  This is not what life is all about.  So today I took a ‘mental health’ day.  I slept in, I went to a Power Yoga class, I had a fresh detox juice and visited a friend for a chat.  Then I decided my husband and I would have a picnic at Cremorne Point, by the water in Sydney this evening.  I stayed away from my computer.
The two and a half hours at Cremorne Point for our picnic by the water was magic.  We watched the boats go by, enjoyed the setting sun and took photos of the beauty that surrounded us.  I felt recharged and renewed.  Relaxed and reinvigorated.
What are you doing to take care of your self?


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