Jane Jackson Career Coach featured in this interview by Amanda Nachman on Find Your Passion Career Podcast.

Jane Jackson is an international Career Management Coach, Speaker, LinkedIn Trainer, and Podcast Host. Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads, and Host of “Your Career” Podcast, Jane gives her advice on rebranding yourself to become the solution to every employers needs.

When faced with an opportunity to build upon your experience, Jane believes you should always say yes. “One of the most important things is to be open, and curious, and really willing to try something new.”

Find out Jane’s advice on transforming personal hobbies into marketable skills on Find Your Passion Career Podcast!

After growing up in Hong Kong for junior high and high school, Jane then followed her heart to Minnesota for college. She went to school for graphic design, and meanwhile found herself gravitating towards leadership roles.

Just say yes

One of Jane’s passion hobbies growing up was dance, and it became an outlet she leaned on throughout her life. Jane’s dancing career consists of coaching, supporting, and motivating young kids to help them achieve their goals. This was the “aha” moment for Jane. She turned a life long passion for being a leader in dance and fitness to a career guiding motivated young people navigate their way into their passion career.

“Sometimes opportunities present themselves — you allow them to grow and not be afraid and just say yes,” said Jane.

When Jane isn’t in a coaching session or presenting at companies like Institute of Electrical and Electronic (IEEE), she enjoys presenting at organizations that are truly close to her heart. At the job expo for iCare, she spoke to people in long-term unemployment about job readiness and how to reinvent yourself. When listening in on the podcast, you can hear how Jane thrives when it comes to helping people connect to the WHY you want to follow that career journey, and help people discover their own unique skills.

Motivating Others

As a career and LinkedIn coach to many emerging professionals, Jane focuses on personal and professional values to guide you in the right direction. She wants to know the order of your priorities in order to navigate your career path. Ask yourself what motivates and demotivates you, because that can shine a light on the role that’s best for you.

Jane shares how intentional she is with ALL of her actions. “Anything that I do, if it’s not meaningful, it’s nothing.”

She also encourages us to reflect on our transferrable skills and accomplishments. Look to what you’re currently involved in and note the skills you flex to achieve success in these activities whether it’s playing recreational soccer, volunteering at a local museum or even your role in a WordPress Meetup group. No matter how big or small, what’s one thing you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of through your involvement?

Write down a your accomplishment statement today. Not sure what to write? Listen in to my interview with Jane for more inspiration. Once you’ve written your accomplishment statement, be sure to share it on your LinkedIn. Download my podcast interview with Jane Jackson here on iTunes!

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