When I first came across Elly Hurley, I was so impressed by her willingness to share her expertise on everything to do with Chatbots. At the time, this was a new concept to me, and after our conversation I realised that there is so much value to gain from embracing messenger marketing.

And now it’s my honour to introduce to you, Elly, the Co-Founder of Nudge Marketing, Australia’s #1 authority in Messenger Marketing and Chatbots.

She’s had the most amazing career transitions. From sales & marketing in her early days, to a long and successful career in the NSW Police Force in her 30’s, and then transitioned to property design, is now a qualified hypnotherapist, a popular Mentor at The Entourage, and now Australia’s top Chatbot guru! Elly certainly is a master of reinvention and has embraced every phase in her career with much enthusiasm.

Listen to our conversation and find out how Elly made each career change.

Now, she’s a self-confessed geek, and a highly-sought after digital marketing strategist who has invested in some of the brightest marketing and business minds in the world. Elly Hurley is a professional who continually learns, adapts and embraces new technology.

As a fellow business owner, she understands what it’s like – the good, the bad and the downright ugly…

Her mission is to empower SMEs to leverage modern marketing tools to save them time, reduce their stresses and increase their income.

Elly Hurley’s coffee of choice is a latte with one for the morning, and either a beer or white wine when the time is right. Here’s someone I’m definitely on the same page with … and did I mention she also was also awarded the ManyChat #1 Award for Quizzes and Surveys recently?

You’ll love meeting her in this episode!

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Where to find Elly:


Twitter: @ellyjh


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