I was honoured to be invited on the panel of the Career Calling Summit with Summit Host, Jess Smith.

Jane Jackson, career coach, career calling, panelist, personal branding, career

During the Career Calling Summit I was interviewed on personal branding, how to really attract career opportunities, job promotions and everything in-between to help you get ahead in your career and ace your job interviews.  If you understand yourself, and your target audience, you can build a brand that is authentic and congruent with who you really are.

Jess and I discuss LinkedIn, and how to leverage it as a marketing and branding tool, how to make personalised requests to connect, craft a powerful summary, your cover image and cover photo, how to attract recruiters and hiring managers to get a job through video on LinkedIn, and effective storytelling in order to follow your career calling.

Here is a short snippet of our interview:

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