In this episode of YOUR CAREER Podcast, I share my interview on the Career Calling Summit with Summit Host, Jess Smith. It was an honour to be on the panel for this Summit with 20 other panellists focusing on career advice. In this interview I share my top tips for your Personal Brand for career success.

We had an in-depth discussion on how to leverage your Personal Brand to attract career opportunities, job promotions and everything in-between to help you get ahead in your career and ace your job interviews.

Below is the video of our discussion:

Here’s an excerpt from our in-depth interview on career management, personal branding and how to really leverage LinkedIn so it works for you.


“Jane, to start us off, can you tell us what personal branding means to you?


It’s how you show up in the world and what people know about you. The important thing about personal branding is it needs to be authentic. What people see, your reputation, it needs to come from within.

Your personal brand includes your hopes, your dreams, the way you’ve been brought up, your culture, what’s important to you and your future goals. Your personal brand encompasses many aspects, more than just your online profile.


Are there any common misunderstandings or misconceptions about personal branding?


Too often people think branding is just social media. They don’t realize their job title is not what defines them. It’s important to let more of you as an individual come through. When people get to know someone, they want to know the authentic person to develop trust. If they feel that they already know, like and trust you, that means your brand, your reputation, has made a positive impact even before you meet!


So how can your personal brand actually attract opportunities?


In order to be able to attract job opportunities, those you wish to attract need to know who you are and what you can do plus the value that you will bring to their organization. How are they going to find out about you? First and foremost it will be through your network. What people say about you. How highly you are regarded in your field. And also what they may find about you on LinkedIn and other platforms. The way you create your brand in order to project you into your desired direction… “

To listen to our full discussion, click one of the links above to listen to our entire interview on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher, or directly from this page.

Jess and I discuss LinkedIn and how to leverage it as a marketing and branding tool effectively, how to make personalised requests to connect, how to craft a powerful summary, which sections you must include in your profile, your cover image and cover photo, how to attract recruiters and hiring managers to get a job through videos on LinkedIn and effective storytelling.

We also talk about job security, how to create your own security, and how to handle organisational change so you can still build your career despite the challenges.

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