Are We Raising a Generation of Selfish Wimps? Baby Boomers vs Gen Y

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“We have reared a generation of selfish wimps!”   This huge debate is raging on social media after a business guru said that ‘old-style Boomer managers’ are causing younger staff to leave their jobs. But is it true to say there is a Baby Boomers vs Gen Y Millennials great divide? I’ve been listening to […]

ICF: Can a Career Coach Help With Your Job Search?

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The ICF [International Coaching Federation] featured my interview in DARE Magazine in their latest ICF members blog post. “ICF member Jane Jackson, quoted in this article about job search and career coaching published in Australian Seniors Anyone can hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach, so finding one who’s had formal training and credentials […]

How to Navigate Your Career

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How do you Navigate Your Career? In today’s changing employment landscape, it’s a challenge to ensure career growth, job satisfaction and engagement at work. How do you choose the right direction and navigate your career successfully? According to HRD, Australian employees are considering moving on from their current roles due to a renewed focus on personal […]

227 How to Navigate Your Career in 2022

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  Navigate Your Career successfully in the CAREER SUCCESS program. Get career support ON DEMAND to make a successful career change, land that promotion you desire and grow your career. Find out more today.

SEEK: Why Being Too Nice at Work Can Hold You Back, seek, careers, career coach, career coaching, top sydney career coach, sydney career coach

Why Being Too Nice at Work Can Hold You Back Read the Original article in “Just be yourself, everyone will like you” are common words of advice for anyone attending an interview or starting a new job. But while this seems obvious, a desire to be liked can lessen the focus on other things, […]

Camera off on a Zoom Call: Will it Harm Your Career?

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Is it OK to turn your camera off during a Zoom call or video conference? Turning your camera off on Zoom might be a good idea but will it harm how you are perceived at work? We’re now years into this great experiment in our careers with remote work and work from home.  It started […]

CPA AUSTRALIA: In The Black – Finding Purpose at Work

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Finding Purpose at Work. Thanks to Jessica Muddit for this interview in CPA Australia‘s IN THE BLACK magazine. Read Original Article Here Twenty years ago, most corporate highflyers were driven by the prestige of working for the “right” company and securing a series of promotions that led to ever higher salaries, recalls Phil Preston, founder […]

DARE MAGAZINE: Reach Your Career Goals with a Career Coach

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Dare Magazine interview on how to reach your career goals with a career coach. Interview by Rachel Smith, Illustration by The Project Twins. Given the average employee will clock up around 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, your career can have a huge impact on your wellbeing. And if you’re unhappy at work, or […]