“I am starting my new job next week and it is thanks to Jane and The Careers Academy that my resume and LinkedIn page were in perfect order that got me over the line” 

– Phil S, author The Meat Mate

As we approach the year-end, thoughts naturally turn to creating a happier, more successful, and fulfilling 2024. Yet, hope alone won’t pave the way for change; it requires decisive action. What steps are you taking to shape a better future?


At the heart of every successful career lies a story of transition, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s professional calling.


I’d like to share the story of one of my clients, [for privacy I’ll call her Jenny], a marketing professional who worked for a global FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) organisation.


For years, Jenny was dedicated in her role, working hard, throwing herself into her work, and focused on climbing the corporate ladder. Yet, over time she felt a subtle undercurrent of discontent begin to brew inside.


On the surface all seemed fine as she was good at her job and she was able to pay her bills with her reasonable salary, but there was something that didn’t feel right about her role, the people she worked with, and the way she was treated within her team.


Her feeling of discontent started as a whisper that hinted that perhaps she was supposed to be on a different path, or she should find a new calling.


Sarah tolerated her internal tug-of-war for several years as she couldn’t pinpoint specifically what was making her feel unhappy.


She spoke to a friend who referred her to have a chat with me [who is my former client] and during an emotional initial discussion, we discovered that Jenny was not fulfilling her top driving values of respect, integrity and personal development.


She was working in an environment that felt like ‘ground-hog day’ when it came to the work she was performing; there was a culture of competition that was too intense for comfort and she observed a disregard of her opinions on many projects she worked on. 


Jenny was frustrated and was heading for burn-out as she always worked long hours, did the best she could yet felt unappreciated.  She also shared that she wasn’t sleeping well as she was constantly worried about her work and not being ‘good enough.’


Jenny was not in a financial position to invest in a full-on one-on-one career coaching program so I explained to her how my Career Success Program is an affordable option for professional career coaching support for those who are self-directed and proactive.


She explored the program structure and content and discovered that my comprehensive career transition and career management modules are designed to address the very challenges she faced.


The unique combination of online career assessments, career transition courses [confidence building, personal branding, resume writing, job interview preparation and more], plus webinars, exercises and templates plus twice monthly Zoom group career coaching calls for accountability and support to reach her goals was what she needed to reach her career goals.


Within the program I helped Jenny to gain clarity about what she wanted and did not want in a work environment. We explored her options, identified what she really wanted as her ultimate career goal and, together, planned the steps to reach what she wanted out of her career and her life.


Specifically, we worked on:


·      Rebuilding her career confidence

·      Career clarity and purpose

·      Assessed exactly what she wanted in a job: work environment, team, industry, job function and career goals

·      Her resumé, cover letters, LinkedIn profile and content strategy

·      The 6 job search strategies for maximum impact in the job search

·      Job interview preparation

·      Salary negotiations and onboarding in a new role


By identifying a clear path towards what would be a fulfilling career and clarity about the steps to take to reach her ultimate goal, Jenny is now confident about what she can do and what she really wants in her career.


Importantly, we identified Jenny’s true Career Anchor: ‘Dedication to a Cause or Service’, and now Jenny knows she is on the right career path as she has made a successful transition into the not-for-profit sector.

Her marketing experience enabled her successful career change – her skills are perfect to benefit the organisation and community she now serves.


My Career Success Program has helped hundreds of professionals over the years – it can help you too.  Here is what some of my program participants have said about the support they received:

“I was coached by Jane when I returned back to Sydney after 7 years overseas and wanted to change direction in my career. Her warm, thoughtful, motivational, confidence building coaching style was exactly what I needed to make a successful career change.”

– Amy H, Talent Acquisition Leader

“At a time when I didn’t know what to do next in my career, Jane helped me reassess my career and life values, and helped me to explore different avenues for my future career path.”

– Jo G, Coach

“I needed a career pivot and gained incredibly useful advice on how to do it. I am now on the right road towards a more satisfying and professional life and could not have done it without Jane.”

– Timi S, Key Account Director, Asia

“Having returned to Australia after many years away, I was looking to get some guidance on how to best establish myself in both the changed local market and the new career direction. Jane has a wealth of experience and was able to provide me with practical advice relevant to my own unique situation. The group calls were especially enlightening for me because I got to see the type of challenges facing other clients, and also the approaches taken in finding solutions.”

–  Julian C, Data Analyst/Developer

“Jane has become an absolute beacon of light, clarity and — most importantly — HONESTY for me. She’s helped me better understand the importance of my LinkedIn profile and also ‘lifted the veil’ of the Applicant Tracking System, of which I had zero knowledge before. I’m feeling confident that I’ve now got all the right tools and insights to land my next role. And these days, confidence really and truly feels like half the game!”

– Jeremy W, Director Brand, Content, Social Marketing APAC


It’s time to take control of YOUR CAREER: 

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•       LinkedIn Basics from a Recruiter’s Point of View

•       How to Use the LinkedIn Career Explorer for career change

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•       The Path to Becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice


Send me a DM if you want more information today.


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For over 20 years my mission has been to make careers guidance and support accessible and affordable to all who need it. Here are all the ways I can support you and your team:

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