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The future of work and how to land a job in 2024

I always feel an element of excitement as we come towards the end of the year and look towards the start of a New Year.  Now that the Christmas celebrations are over and the last of the ham and turkey has made it into pies and sandwiches, let’s reflect on what’s next when it comes to careers in 2024.

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to gear up for a successful career in 2024. To ensure you secure the new job you desire or advance in your career, let’s find out what you must do.

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Career Reflections

Before deciding on your career moves in the coming year, first gain clarity around your professional journey. Reflect on your achievements and identify what truly motivates you.

Consider your work preferences, including work environment, industry, company culture and your team.

As the global workforce continues to evolve, consider new trends such as remote work and flexible arrangements. Take advantage of career clarity assessments to analyse your goals. Complete my CAREER REFLECTIONS JOURNAL

Businesses now recognise the importance of employee satisfaction, extending beyond your  salary. Work/life balance, mental and physical wellness, intellectual challenge, and personal growth will be crucial aspects of your employee experience in 2024.

Reflect on what is most important to you by completing the Career Reflections Journal.

Goal Setting

Download my GOALS CALENDAR and Goal Setting Sheet – my gift 🎁 to you to help you stay on track to reach your career goals.

Why set career goals? Goal-setting is crucial for making progress especially if you set SMART goals.

According to research from Zippia, The Career Expert, people who set goals are 10 times more likely to be successful.  Those who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them. The research also found that:

83% of people don’t set goals for themselves.

People who set time-bound goals and report progress weekly to their coach increase their success rate by 40%.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development

The pace of change in the professional landscape requires ongoing skill development. Create a plan to enhance your skills and align them with your long-term career goals. Options include pursuing new certifications, enrolling in online or in-person courses, or seeking mentorship.

Generative AI

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. There will be a keen focus on people who can use AI tools effectively. While AI can enhance efficiency, use it as a tool, not a crutch and keep in mind the importance of human creativity, compassion, and innovation along with these technological advancements.

Future Skills

Technology is transforming the way we work and do business so equip yourself with essential skills including data-driven decision-making, awareness of cyber threats, emotional intelligence, develop personal resilience and an open, curious mindset.

To help you develop ability to embrace change and challenges, download my Morning Affirmations and start each day with a winning mindset.

Revamp Your Resumé

Keep your resumé current and tailored to your career direction. Even if you haven’t changed roles recently, showcase your daily challenges and learning experiences. Ensure your resumé highlights tangible accomplishments and relevant information.

Recent Trend: Incorporate a skills section in your resumé that highlights key competencies, as this is becoming an increasingly important factor for recruiters in 2024.

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Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 1 billion members globally, LinkedIn remains a crucial tool for career management. Keep your profile updated, optimised for search, and aligned with your personal brand.

Make sure you include the skills you want to highlight under each role you’ve held in the Experience section of your profile too.

LinkedIn Insight: The average LinkedIn user now spends 20% more time on the platform compared to the previous year, emphasising the significance of LinkedIn for professional networking and job search.

LinkedIn statistics show that while 48% of LinkedIn users are monthly users, over 16% login every day. With over 1 Billion users,  that 160 million members who log in to LinkedIn every day!

Expand Your Network

Networking is an essential job search strategy in 202. Create a short and compelling professional introduction and actively communicate your value to your network. Seek recommendations, referrals, advice and guidance. Update your LinkedIn profile discreetly to indicate your openness to new opportunities.

Networking Statistic: According to research by Apollo Technical, engineered talent solutions, networking is the most successful way of finding a meaningful job and attaining career success.

80% of professionals find networking essential to their career success, almost 100% believe that face-to-face meetings build stronger long-term relationships, and 41% want to network more often.


Invest in Career Coaching

Consider engaging a career coach to navigate career challenges. Career coaching provides personalised support for confidence building, career planning, and making informed decisions.

Coaching Impact: According to the International Coach Federation (ICF Global Coaching Client Study) 99% of people who hired a coach were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ and 96% said if given the opportunity they would repeat the process.

Book an exploratory chat with me to find out how career coaching can help you to land the job you’ll love.


Sustainable Working Practices

There have been conscious changes in behaviour to reduce the environmental impact of work. When going through the job interview process, consider what will be important about your workspace and be prepared to discuss how to implement circular processes to minimise waste, promote recycling and re-use resources.

Changing Workplace Demographics:

Shifting demographics, increased international migration, and a focus on diversity and inclusion will continue to change traditional hierarchies. You will notice a decline in tolerance for inequity in the workplace. Be aware of how you can contribute to a successful work environment.


The Decentralised Workplace:

Hybrid working arrangements will continue to be the preferred way of working. Flexible combinations of in-person collaboration and remote work will ensure the benefits of both ways of working. What is your preference? Will you expand your job search by considering remote jobs as well as roles in your city?

Now you have much food for thought, we can bid farewell to 2023 and look towards the start of a wonderful New Year. I hope my suggestions will help you to secure a new job or advance in your current role.

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