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Yve Lavine an exceptionally talented photographer who covers corporate and private events with panache!

Yve provides stunning portrait and event photography always with a smile and genuine compassion.

From her first interesting career transition from a Pattern Cutter out of the London College of Fashion back in the day, to providing support as a Youth & Community Worker and then providing much needed services as a Drugs and Sexual Health outreach worker in London, Yve always felt that there was more she could offer the world.  She felt privileged to use her love of photography, videography and acting to help so many disadvantaged youth before taking time to travel the world and ultimately moving to Australia.

That’s when she threw herself into photography professionally. I was fortunate to meet Yve at one of our #LinkedinLocalSydney networking events with my co-host, the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under, Jillian Bullock.

I love Yve’s incredible use of light and shade and the way she captures the essence of our friendly networking events so much that I had to share her story.


What Yve believes in:

Everyone should be respected and feel good in their own skin. Making people feel valued and confident in front of the camera is her goal. And, exploring the stories of her clients to create the visual representation they need to reach their business goals.


Where to find Yve:

Yve Lavine Photography

Twitter: @LavinePhoto

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