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Hear Jillian Bullock’s story of transition from corporate life to LinkedIn Ninja. It wasn’t easy but she has successfully reinvented her career and now runs her own business – she hasn’t looked back!

As the LinkedIn Ninja Down Under, Jillian Bullock explains why she specialises in LinkedIn. She explains it like this; “After half a decade of social media management, it became apparent to myself and my staff, that LinkedIn was the only business solution that consistently and cost effectively met the needs of our service-based B2B clients”. As the LinkedIn community grew so did the power of LinkedIn.

With 20 years of marketing experience under her belt, and the full gamut of marketing tools, the potential of this solution was expanding month to month, and Jillian could see that LinkedIn was here to stay.

Jillian Bullock has been interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald and specific publications that cater to the industries to which she is accredited to award Continuing Development Points.

This includes the NSW Law Society, MFAA (Mortgage Brokerage Industry) and FPA (Financial Planning Association). This accreditation has enabled those who work in these professional services a way to meet their industry requirements each year, while also learning how to generate new leads and increase their brand’s awareness via LinkedIn.

During our conversation we also discussed the recent changes LinkedIn has made to its functionality – some changes have been a little frustrating as users have come to terms with the new look and feel of the site.  Consequently, Jillian has penned some creative lyrics (to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody) and you can enjoy them here.

We have such a fun conversation, there are plenty of laughs to share here – listen to this podcast episode and find out more about how you too can make LinkedIn work for you!

Where to find Jillian

Website: LinkedIn Ninja Down Under

Twitter: @LinkedinNinjaAU 



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