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Keith Keller, Twitter branding specialist, is in the top 1% of Twitter specialists globally. In fact, thanks to Twitter, for one of his events, he reached over 4.2 million people in one day!

Keith tells us that there are now 9,000 tweets per second. That’s over 1 billion tweets per day! His regular tweets (@KeithKeller) are testament to his passion for sharing the latest information about Twitter as well as other Social Media platforms and he certainly has an ever-growing list of success stories at over 57,000 Twitter followers.

I interviewed Keith about his career journey in episode 84 of Your Career Podcast, so learn more about the early days of this fascinating man by clicking here.

Today we talk about:

  • Why Twitter is important in your job search
  • How to grow Twitter followers and leverage this platform most effectively
  • Keith’s new Twitter projects including his exciting initiatives with Twitter Video
  • Keith provides one-on-one coaching for aspiring Tweeps at Twitter Magic 123. Watch out for his tweets #twittermagic123


Where to find Keith:

Website: www.twittermagic123.com

Twitter: @keithkeller

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