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Brad Eisenhuth and his business partner, Adam Neyenhuys, are entrepreneurs who developed The Outperformer, a rapidly growing career management platform to help ambitious accounting and finance professionals “outperform”, by supporting them with education through experienced industry leaders, career growth systems and access to a range of mentors from many of Australia’s leading organisations.

They developed a passion and energy for building this business through over a decade each in recruitment and executive search, most recently as Directors of CFO and accounting recruitment practices in Australia and Hong Kong.

Both Founders are high achievers in their own right.

Brad is also the author of “CFgrOw: Staying in the driver’s seat on the path to CFO” (published in 2015) and has featured in the Australian Finance Review, Acuity magazine, Shortlist and other publications. Brad has been a speaker at a number of events, including ACCA’s Think Ahead series on career management.

In Adam’s role as a Director of a Hong Kong, he was celebrated in Asia Money Poll as one of the leading recruiters in the region.

It is their passion for working with their community to build successful careers and a deep understanding of people that has underpinned their own successful careers, and the development of The Outperformer.

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Where to find Brad:

Twitter: @_outperformer

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