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My latest article published in Michael Page Australia on Leadership – the inspiring and the downright uninspiring. 🔗 Here is the direct link to the full article 🔗

Does just the thought of your boss make your energy level plunge? Are your team members unhappy, demotivated, feeling isolated or misunderstood?

An incompetent leader, or one who just isn’t inspiring, will cause productivity and morale to drop. This in turn can lead to mistakes, deadlines missed, a blaming culture and eventually a high staff turnover as people drop like flies in search of greener pastures.

What’s the best way to move forward, without becoming part of the problem? Is there anything you can do without it all blowing up on you and your career?

We all complain about our boss at some time, and while some people make a habit of it, a little complaining is quite different from frustration and stress – the same way an annoying manager is quite different from a totally uninspiring and incompetent manager or leader.

So what can you do that won’t jeopardise your job or cause irreparable damage? Here are some strategies that I discuss with my clients when they feel frustrated and stuck. Read more …

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