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“At one point or another in life, many of us have found ourselves at a career crossroads. And it can be a confusing, frightening and even overwhelming time.

But handled well, you will look back and see it as the launch pad of a new, exciting direction in your life – in a career that fits perfectly with your skills, desires, values and needs.

As an experienced career management coach, speaker and trainer, Jane Jackson has guided over a thousand clients through a career change, and now she shares her experience in a new book Navigating Career Crossroads.

Why are you at a career crossroads?

There can be many reasons why you may find yourself at a career crossroads:

Whatever the reason you have arrived here, you may go through similar emotions and thoughts as you cope with change (or the prospect of it) and the process of finding a new path in a career and job you love.

Some of the common feelings and experiences you may recognise during a change in your career can include:

It’s easy to feel stuck or lost

It’s easy to feel stuck or lost at a career crossroads. What is your perfect job? And even if you know what it may be, how can you get it?

Over the past 14 years, Jane Jackson has provided career transition, interview skills, CV writing, negotiation and presentation skills coaching to more than 1,000 clients. And now she’s packed her knowledge, experience and advice into a helpful book.

Navigating Career Crossroads is the definitive manual to thriving when changing career direction. It’s easy to read, packed with useful exercises and templates, and anecdotes and examples that bring Jane’s experience to life.

Follow the book’s advice and you’ll be better equipped to cope with change, and successfully attain a new role that you love and matches your values, skills and needs.


Follow seven steps to success

Navigating Career Crossroads follows Jane’s seven essential steps for career success. CAREERS covers:

Throughout the book, Jane explains and guides you through each of the steps, and helps you to:

How can this book help you?

The intention of Navigating Career Crossroads is to help you:

And it’s certainly full of common sense advice and strategies to ensure that you should indeed be able to identify and secure a rewarding and fulfilling new career direction.

Why we like Navigating Career Crossroads

Over the past 18 months we’ve read a lot of advice on career change, and written several articles to help mums cope with it.

Jane’s book is a fantastic digest of the best advice and strategies we’ve read on dealing with career change. It’s a genuinely useful manual with advice and exercises you can put into practice straight away, and a step-by-step format that gives you a proven process to follow.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy Navigating Career Crossroads on or through, and

Please note that this is not a sponsored feature, but a genuine, honest review of Jane’s book. We have received no financial benefit or reward for this article.”

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