174 Angela Vithoulkas – Leader, The Small Business Party

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           What an honour to interview Angela Vithoulkas who is a second term independent Councillor at the City of Sydney, a multi-award winning 30-year small business owner, entrepreneur and advocate. In this podcast episode, Angela and I discuss her early career aspirations, how she was born into a family business environment and […]

115 How to Start a Business – Exploring Entrepreneurship

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                 How to start a business If you’re thinking about starting a business and don’t know where to start, then this podcast episode is especially for you! To start a business takes a lot of preparation. If a new business venture is on the cards for you, the best […]

86 Eliza Ludwig – Bread Budgeting Services

Eliza Ludwig, Bread Budgeting, finance, career change, Jane Jackson

        Eliza Ludwig asks small business owners:   Are you working around the clock but still can’t afford a day off? Do you love your product, but can’t understand why your customers are not buying it? Or do you just have a business idea you’d like to try out but don’t know […]

64 Andrew Griffiths – Author/Entrepreneur

andrew griffiths, author, entrepreneur, jane jackson

        Bestselling author and a global presenter, Andrew Griffiths is known as the big man with the big heart.  With 12 bestselling books under his belt, Andrew’s an Inc.com columnist, CBS Entrepreneurial commentator, speaker and KPI global publishing mentor. Andrew is on a mission to share the entrepreneurial rites of passage that […]