What an honour to interview Angela Vithoulkas who is a second term independent Councillor at the City of Sydney, a multi-award winning 30-year small business owner, entrepreneur and advocate.

In this podcast episode, Angela and I discuss her early career aspirations, how she was born into a family business environment and how she made the transition from entrepreneurship (she has grown and sold many businesses in her career) to politician as the champion of small business owners, and Leader of The Small Business Party.

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Alongside her small business and council responsibilities, Angela built Australia’s first small business podcasting platform – Eagle Waves Radio, which has since produced more than 2000 hours of content. 

In 2018, she formed The Small Business Party, with a mission to represent small businesses and local families in the NSW Parliament at the 2019 NSW State election and successfully registered the party on a national level to contest the 2019 Federal Election – this is political history. Many have tried to set up a small business party previously only to fall short.

Today, there is a growing divide between small business and government. Despite being Australia’s largest employer, there is no suitable advocate in government for small business. Through Angela’s work in advocacy, policy and leadership she is looking to fill that gap.

During our interview we discuss the challenges of balancing a political career with all the other responsibilities that Angela holds – she is a phenomenally inspirational woman who is truly making an impact for all small business owners!

Angela believes that if small businesses come together behind The Small Business Party, we can all work together to Save Small Business and help our communities thrive.  Are you with us?

Where to find Angela:

Website Angela Vithoulkas

Website The Small Business Party

Angela Twitter

Small Business Party Twitter

Meet Angela at #LinkedInLocal Sydney on 15th May 2018 – Book your ticket here

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