7 Deadly Mistakes of Job Seekers

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Job Seekers: Are you struggling to find a new job? Is it taking much longer than you expected? Are you starting to lose confidence about getting another job? If every little thing is starting to feel really hard and you’re feeling fed up, you may be making one, or more, of the 7 deadly mistakes […]

5 Top Tips for an Authentic and Powerful Personal Brand

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What is an authentic personal brand? Have you ever met someone for the first time and instinctively felt uncomfortable as something didn’t quite ring true? Authenticity is of vital importance when it comes to creating a positive, professional and authentic personal brand. Without authenticity then all your efforts to ‘brand’ yourself will come to nothing. […]

68 Get a Job – Personal Branding

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HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB – Branding Why is personal branding so important in your job search? Many listeners ask me about specifics regarding the job search or career transition process so, from Episode 65 through to Episode 71 I’ll discuss each of the essential steps to take control of your career or your […]

2 Personal Branding and Professional Image

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Personal Branding is an important part of career management.  You only have one chance to make a first impression so make it a positive one! A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter. Lois McMaster Bujold To manage your […]

How To Build Your Personal Brand

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Why your Personal Brand is vital to your career success How are you going to stand out from the crowd when there are so many others jostling for position? How do you build your personal brand for your business and career success? Basic marketing principles are all about frequency and reach however what are you […]

Your Personal Brand – Make an Impact that Counts

You have seconds rather than minutes before someone decides if they will do business with you. Their first impression of will determine what they expect of you.  Make that first impression positive and your life will be so much easier.  There are Five Essential Components of Your Image to consider:  Hidden, Assumed, Visual, Experienced and […]