BT FINANCIAL: Wealth Building for Women

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Original article featured in BT Financial Group . Interview by Carmarlena Murdaca. Although the principles of wealth building apply to both men and women, there are circumstances where women, in particular, can be left vulnerable as they navigate the gender pay gap,1 the super gap and the gaping hole in their earnings, while taking time out […]

7 Deadly Mistakes of Job Seekers

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Job Seekers: Are you struggling to find a new job? Is it taking much longer than you expected? Are you starting to lose confidence about getting another job? If every little thing is starting to feel really hard and you’re feeling fed up, you may be making one, or more, of the 7 deadly mistakes […]

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Original article appeared on, Jane Jackson interviewed by journalist, Lindy Alexander Want a Pay Rise? Say This! Few things are as nerve-racking as asking for a pay rise. But with the right words, you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when asking for more money. Once you’ve done all the prep work […]

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Original article first appeared on   Lindy Alexander interviews Jane Jackson for this Seek article:  It’s never easy going to your manager and having a conversation about why you think you should get a pay rise. It can feel awkward and sometimes self-doubt around your own worth can creep in. “Employees who are hoping for […]

71 Get a Job – Negotiation Strategies

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, 7 Get a Job – Negotiation Strategies

NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES FOR YOUR DREAM JOB Many of my clients feel reluctant when it comes to the negotiation process once they receive a job offer.  But it doesn’t need to be daunting if you are well prepared to negotiate. There are 7 episodes in this JOB SEARCH SERIES within the Jane Jackson Careers podcast.  In […]