10 Gifts Guaranteed to Make You Happy

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I’ve been doing some self-reflection and wanted to share my musings as it may strike a chord with some of you.  We all get the miseries from time to time. If you are feeling sorry for yourself because things are not turning out the way you hoped, or you are comparing yourself to others who […]

When is the best time to enjoy life?

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Have you ever thought, I’ll be happy when … I get that job, the kids are older, I lose weight, I have more money … Let’s enjoy life while taking steps towards what we hope for.  Our life is journey towards a goal and there’s nothing to prevent us from enjoying that journey.  The planning, […]

Healthy, Happy Relationships in Working Women’s Magazine

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Working Women’s Magazine is a fabulous magazine is filled with great tips for entrepreneurs and working women!  I am honoured to be a contributing author and amongst these inspiring women! For Happy Healthy Relationships, check out my latest article on page 20 of this great magazine!    

How to have a Happy Life!


We’re all busy preparing for Christmas and the holiday break but let’s take some time to take stock of what we have and how very lucky we are!  Here’s something positive to focus on for the year ahead – let’s make it a year of gratitude, happiness and love!  

Stop Shouting! How Angry Are You?

Anger Management

What happens when we are angry?  Why do we shout? Does this fix things?  Never. Have you ever really listened when you have been shouted at?  Do you really listen to yourself when you are shouting in anger? When we get angry, we get angry because we care about something, someone or we care about […]

Take Good Care of Your Self

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 Take Care of Your Self Trust your instincts, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it Always say exactly what you mean Don’t follow the crowd just to please others Speak well of yourself – always Discover your passion – and follow it Learn to say ‘no’ when your answer is ‘no’ Learn to say […]

Build Healthy Relationships That Last

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Why do we stay in unhappy or negative relationships?  Is it because we’re afraid of taking action?  For a happy, rewarding life we must have positive, uplifting relationships whether they are friendships or romantic relationships. Do you spend the majority of your time in the wrong relationship, or on activities that take you away from […]