156 Lee Lam Instigator of Change

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Lee Lam Instigator of Change

Lee Lam is an instigator of change. I met Lee during a LinkedIn Local event (#linkedinlocaloldstreet) when I was in London in May as I’m also a co-host of LinkedIn Local events (#linkedinlocalsydney). I felt an instant connection to Lee as she is warm, open and authentic. In this podcast we chat about Lee’s career […]

154 Mark LeBusque Provacateur | Human | Mentor | Coach

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Mark LeBusque Provacateur Human Mentor Coach

Mark LeBusque firmly believes in the power of humanising workplaces through humanising those who manage people. His pragmatic approach involves the use of personal experiences supported by theory and models.  He specialises in transforming teams, making managers human and life design initiatives. In this podcast episode I have a chat with Mark about his career […]

75 Dr David Dugan – Business Mentor

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Dr David Dugan – Business Mentor

Dr. David Dugan is a highly sought after business coach and mentor.  David has spent over 14 years mentoring high performance individuals and with five tertiary qualifications in his pocket, he has acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience on what it takes to achieve success in business. He loves helping Business Owners take […]

Jane Jackson Coach Video Logo

jane jackson coach

I’m loving this new look logo for Jane Jackson Coach!  Getting up to speed with technology is not easy for me but it’s a lot of fun experimenting with what can be done. Watch out for webinars, training videos and training audios coming soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYlVXGV03-o  

Inner Peace

meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, career coach, coaching, affirmations, positive affirmations, morning affirmations, Jane Jackson

Sometimes in our busy lives, we need to find inner peace. Have you ever felt that you need something to keep you on track when you feel you are just too busy, too tired, uncertain, confused or even a little afraid?  Several years ago I came across this powerful poem and I often read it […]

Kwantlen University Interview – Job Search needs a Curious Mind

job search, success, career

I was honoured to be interviewed by Kristyl Clark recently for the Kwantlen University, Canada careers newsletter.  This is how to ensure success and momentum when job hunting.  Just click on their link below for their newsletter and great careers articles! http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs135/1103447194111/archive/1113445567096.html