Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, Mark LeBusque Provacateur Human Mentor Coach



Mark LeBusque firmly believes in the power of humanising workplaces through humanising those who manage people.

His pragmatic approach involves the use of personal experiences supported by theory and models.  He specialises in transforming teams, making managers human and life design initiatives.

In this podcast episode I have a chat with Mark about his career journey, the transitions he made throughout his career from the floor to the boardroom in operations, customer service, sales, human resources, general management and education.

During our conversation I discovered he has a unique ability to get underneath the noise and find the truth in order to allow individuals and organisations to make progress.

Mark LeBusque is a Harvard trained consultant who works with both individuals and organisations to unlock their human potential, with a specific focus on building the leadership capabilities and their human or “soft’ skills, such as self-awareness, resilience, empathy, vulnerability and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Mark has an incredible ability to make pointed and incisive interventions into human interactions where the truth has gone missing. Let’s call it cutting through the bull dust.

His second gift is an unwavering belief that people matter most and that we have forgotten how to be human in a machine-like system.

Mark published his book BEING HUMAN – Why Robots Are Not the Answer to Business Success in 2017 and has received high praise for his no-nonsense common-sense approach to Human Management.

Being Human has sold in 16 countries and provides the 7 Steps to Humanising Your Management Approach.

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Twitter: @lebusquemark

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