Back in August 2011 I posted Sharon’s career transition story (she was Sharon Rowe back then and now, happily married, is Sharon Swift.)  What a long way she has come in the past few years with her own business!  Not only has Tempus Lifestyle grown successfully, Sharon has now expanded her business in new and exciting directions AND she is a published author!  Here’s her inspirational story…

Who is Sharon Swift?

I’m the Managing Director of Tempus Lifestyle Pty Ltd; a Sydney based personal concierge business trading as The Expat Concierge and The Essential Concierge.

Success story
Sharon Swift, Author, Managing Director, Tempus Lifestyle, The Expat Concierge, The Essential Concierge


I’m a POM expat, seasoned traveller, wine obsessed foodie, third culture kid, passionate about helping to free up time in our clients’ lives to enjoy life and discover the best that Sydney has to offer.

I’m also the author of ‘So, you’re moving to Australia?’ – a book outlining my 6 essential steps to moving to Australia from the UK. From planning the move, the emotional journey, through to the practicalities at each step of the transition, this book guides the reader through what to expect and when. The 6 steps cover the planning, managing and handling the move, all the way through to how to settle quickly and happily in Australia.

 Who are your clients?

The Expat Concierge helps UK expats with the relocation to Australia and settling into life Down Under.  The Essential Concierge frees up the time of busy professionals so that they can enjoy life and not get bogged down with time-consuming tasks.

What did you do prior to your current business?

I was a Group Account Director in the market research industry


What made you make this career change?

A number of reasons – firstly, I wanted to explore my entrepreneurial side and be more in control of my destiny without being restricted by the corporate ladder. I also longed for a more balanced lifestyle and the opportunity to work flexibly and on my terms. Last but certainly not least, I was desperate to discover a passion based on my experience and what I enjoy that I could turn into a business.

I essentially want to spend my days doing something for me and my clients in a symbiotic partnership that doesn’t feel like work!

How did you come up with the idea?

I craved variety after what ended up being a very monotonous role in corporate life. I also wanted to explore how my background could help others settle into life here – something that I found very difficult.

What assistance did you get along the way?  

I was lucky enough to have access to a 3-month outplacement program, which was a great foundation for my new journey. A large component of this was career coaching and guidance, with Jane at the helm. I didn’t know where to start, but knew my destination – Jane helped with the path and set me on my way.

What were the key challenges you experienced?

A huge number – most of them personal, some of them due to a lack of knowledge; lack of confidence, limited resources and knowledge on how to market my business, getting clients through the door.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of going into business for themselves?

Enlist the help of professionals and don’t skimp on the important bits like design, marketing, website and so on. I learnt the hard way and it’s cost me in the long run.

Do it right the first time, and you will reap the benefits. Networking is also key to getting your name and brand out there. 

Last, but certainly not least, it is worth investing in a business growth program to make sure you know how to take your business to the next level. I enrolled in the Key Person of Influence program, and 1 year later I have published a book, launched a new business, and have a wealth of knowledge that I could not have survived in business without.

So, You're Moving to Australia?
So, You’re Moving to Australia?


Tell us about your most fun moment in your new business!

The realisation that my true passion and strength was in something completely different than I originally thought. I started out thinking I’d enjoy organising parties, when in fact my knowledge and experience as an expat is really valuable, hence my upcoming launch, The Expat Concierge. I, of course, still love to organise parties and talking about food and wine, but I find helping people to move to Sydney and discover their new home much more rewarding.

Where can we reach you to find out more about your services?

Email me at or call me on +61(0)425 295 995, I love to chat!
Thank you Sharon Swift! An amazing woman with an inspiring story and now, a fabulous book that will help expats travelling from the UK to Australia make the move smoothly and painlessly. Buy her book here: The Expat Concierge Book



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