Success Story of the Month – Michael Salvatico

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Michael Salvatico when he began his career transition.  He embraced the change in his career path and viewed every option with curiosity, enthusiasm and ultimately found his calling.  Here is his inspirational story.
“It all started when the GFC hit Merrill Lynch and my financial research role was made redundant. After spending 20 years working for large global corporations I wanted to do something personally more meaningful and grasped the exciting opportunity to build my own business with both hands! The hardest thing to leave behind was the security of a ‘paid’ job, but the benefits of driving my own story to success far outweighed any salary anchor!
I could not have done without it without family support.  Many of you may think expertise and passion are the driving forces that lead to success, but I argue you cannot succeed without the support of your loved ones to get you through the difficult times when everything seems impossible. 
My Career Coach, Jane, was a big help in making the decision to go it alone.  Jane provided the right counseling at the right time during my career transition.  I enjoyed every moment of the journey from assessing my personal and career values to learning about my I-Speak Communication Style.
Even I, whom I consider to be one of the most positive people you could meet, had a tough time juggling all the different ‘hats’ I had to wear when starting the business.  I needed to become an expert in accounting, law, corporation tax, marketing, selling, websites, etc.  I can truly say I feel all the better a person for it.
Once I made my decision, everything seemed to happen at the right time.  Soon after the enlightening moment when I realised how my passion for the environment could make a meaningful difference to everyone’s lives, I met the right people to make it happen.  In separate meetings I came across John Taberner, a lawyer with 25 years experience in environmental law, who regularly makes the ‘best lawyers list’ and Dr Phil McFadden, whose most recent role was Chief Scientist at Geoscience Australia, the highest position in the geological survey arm of the Australian Government.
Here I was, an expert in financial research, and now I had a top lawyer and a top scientist on the board!  The final touch was my wife, Soraya.  More than a European national with strong interests in saving the future, she also adds the female touch to the board of directors.
In less than a year, we created Climakind, a company that meets the needs of individuals and businesses to reduce and neutralise carbon emissions.  We supply the “most pure” carbon emission reduction by purchasing credits from the European Emissions Trading scheme for voluntary cancellation.  It’s like offsetting but better as it ensures your efforts to reduce carbon emissions are proactive, high quality and secure.  Yes, if you act now you can make a difference and help guard the future as we know it.
Climakind did not come easily, it was and continues to be an enormous amount of hard and often unrewarded work, but it was all worth it.  The road ahead is still uncertain however I am doing what I love, helping people understand why we need to reduce carbon emissions and how an Emissions Trading Scheme provides an ideal tool to achieve deep cuts in emissions.
To find out more about climate change and how you can act to reduce carbon emissions, visit”
Michael Salvatico

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