Jo Green – Success Story of the Month 

This month my Success Story of the Month is devoted to Jo Green, an amazing young lady who, in 2009, left her market research career in London for a new life in Sydney. Within 3 months of arriving in Sydney, settling in and securing a good market research role, she started to question her career path. Here is her story.


“At a time when I didn’t know what do next in my career and was wondering if I would be able to find new role that was more inspiring to me, I searched for a career coach. I discovered Jane through her website and took her on for a series of coaching sessions. Jane helped me reassess my career and life values, and helped me to explore different avenues for my future career path. 
Assessing my values and drivers didn’t just focus on my career, but also covered where these fit best into my personal life. This was an extremely worthwhile exercise. The strongest area that came through from all of my conversations with Jane was my desire to feel that my work has a real purpose and makes a difference to others or society.
An obvious avenue to explore was the Not For Profit sector and Jane provided invaluable advice and resources to get me started on this. After hours of research and several conversations with Jane to focus on particular roles and companies, I secured an exciting contract role at Clean Up Australia
For 6 months I managed Business Clean Up Day, part of the Clean Up Australia Day program. This role was a real journey for me and a great first experience in the Not For Profit sector. It was so rewarding to contribute to the success of Clean Up Australia Day and work with people wiling to give so much of their time and input into making a real difference to their local community and environment.


 Jo (top left) with the Clean Up Australia Day Qantas Team

Nearing the end of my contract, Jane’s words from our coaching sessions have come back to me and I continue to use her techniques to assess which direction my next career move should be in, secure interviews and ensure that the next step in my career in the Not For Profit sector is a success.”

Jo Green

A week after writing this article, on the very day Jo wound up her contract role at Clean Up Australia, Jo’s new job search paid off!   She was offered the role of Community Fundraising Coordinator at CanTeen. This Australian Organisation provides support services to members who are young people aged 12- 24 living with cancer. This is a truly worthwhile cause. She is absolutely delighted to continue in her desire to contribute to the community and this time make a difference in the lives of young people living with cancer.  Jo, you are an inspiration!

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