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SME TV & Podcast Interview:

Our host Angela Vithoulkas talks to Career Coach Jane Jackson on the challenges that people are facing in this new COVID19 work world.

Losing your job is never easy at the best of times, but right now SME’s and their teams are looking at stand downs, retrenchments, retraining and in some instances new careers.

What can you do to get it right? While there are no magic bullets to fix the workforce challenges that are coming up, it’s still vital that we stay positive and look closely at the opportunities that are present – more time with families, time to reflect and time to determine what your focus might be in the future.

Starting again or starting over doesn’t mean failure, it’s just a stepping stone to moving forward. We talk to Jane to get her take on:

– So many people have lost their jobs, suddenly, through no fault of their own. It’s obviously a shock, how can they stop feeling ashamed or guilty?

– How can we all do our part for SMEs?

– What are you focusing on now in your business? What are your clients asking for from you?

– How has COVID 19 affected you and your family?

– And your business? Has it been impacted? Have you had to pivot?

– Many people find it a challenge to manage their careers effectively especially when they’re not sure of their true passion and direction.

If you’re at a crossroads and need support, then Jane can help. She has personally experienced major career and life transitions from 5 country moves and 5 career changes, to bouncing back from personal loss.

Jane says “I’ve found that by developing resilience and self-reliance, it IS possible to create the happy life and career we aim for.” Them’s fighting words alright!

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