What is your reality?  So often we think that we know our own reality when in fact we are following what is a reality for others.  Over the years in my coaching practice, I have found many clients who have followed the passions of their parents in order to please them, or the desires of friends that influence them in an attempt to emulate their success.  They have been frustrated and not as successful or as happy as they had thought they would be.

If someone tells you that something is not right for you, it doesn’t mean that they are right.  By responding and reacting to the opinions of everyone around you you will lose your direction in your own life.  You will end up following the direction of THEIR dreams and let them set the course for YOUR life. Of course you can listen to their experiences, however, they see the world through their own filters, their own experiences.  You see the world through your experiences and they are completely different.

Are you ready to take a stand and tell yourself that is is OK to think for yourself and decide for yourself what YOU want.  By taking control of your life, you will achieve more  than you ever believed possible.

And the magic will be that you will be following your passion which of course leads to fulfillment and happiness!


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