Interview in ABC Life on how to find part-time work when full-time work is not available during the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to Grace Jennings-Edquist for the in-depth discussion.

Searching for a job in a recession is tricky enough. Searching for part-time work can feel even more daunting.

But there’s a silver lining to 2020’s coronavirus-related restrictions, according to Sydney-based career management coach and Navigating Career Crossroads author Jane Jackson.

While there are fewer jobs and more candidates in the market right now, those looking for part-time or flexible work might actually have better chances than they did pre-coronavirus.

“Companies now are really trying to cut costs, and taking someone on for a permanent, full-time role is very challenging,” she says.

“So if you are looking for part-time work or job sharing, that is an option now.”

Here’s where to get started… ” Read the full article in ABC Life

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