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I met Mitch Wallis a year ago at a Golf Charity Fundraiser hosted by Linfluencers, Dion Woo and Richard Ernster.  At that time, I learned of his incredibly raw and relatable story of what it means to be human, to experience challenging mental health problems, and I am honoured to interview him on YOUR CAREER podcast. Mitch has made the most powerful career transition and his story will inspire you to take action to make a difference too.

Mitch Wallis is both inspiring and informative, providing insights into the fundamental aspects of experiencing and supporting others who suffer from mental health challenges.

Mitch is able to break down an incredibly heavy and complex topic into an integrated and digestible narrative.  He explores the darkest yet most insightful moments of his own mental health journey and its impact on his personal and professional life (in the marketing & media industry).

Mitch Wallace shares a reflection on the current systematic and social challenges we face in solving this health epidemic, and a framework based in science and lived experience on how we can move forward. Between tears, laughter and lightbulb moments, Mitch leaves you knowing at a deep level that “you are enough”

After working at Microsoft for 7 years, Mitch now devotes himself fulltime to helping solve the single biggest issue facing his generation – mental health.

He is the Founder & CEO of Heart On My Sleeve – a worldwide social movement and services provider that is one of the fastest growing mental wellbeing initiatives in Australia.  He challenges YOU to “Take The Pledge”

He was appointed the first ever ambassador for the Australia & New Zealand Mental Health
association, and has been named a Westfield Local Hero in their annual awards.

He was appointed a board of director position at SuperFriend – the mental health body of Australia’s Superannuation Industry, and has presented at the 19th Annual International Psychology Conference.

Mitch has also interviewed the likes of Miss Universe Australia, Osher Günsberg & Ruby Wax. He has featured across Sky News, Channel 10’s The Project, and recognized by GQ Magazine as a Man of Influence Shaping Society as part of their 2019 Gentleman’s Ball Issue.

Mitch has spoken at/is working with –some of the most recognized companies in the country to promote the importance of mental health in the workplace.  These companies include Google, Spotify, Dropbox, Woolworths, Salesforce, American Express, KPMG, and more.

Mitch has a Masters of Psychology degree from Columbia University in New York, a Bachelors degree in Commerce from the University of Sydney, has completed specialised study under leading global psychology teachers including Harvard’s Dr Dan Brown and UCLA’s Dr Dan Siegel. He’s also accredited in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and is a trained Lifeline Crisis Support phone operator. 



TWITTER:  @HOMS_movement 

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