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Here are my favourite new LinkedIn features:

1.    The Voice Pronunciation Feature

How often have you been stumped with the pronunciation of someone’s name? It can be a little embarrassing to get it wrong when you go for a job interview. So LinkedIn has created the Voice Pronunciation feature for people to record their names so we can get it right.

With this new LinkedIn feature you’re given 10 seconds of recording time, and you can record via the LinkedIn app on your device.

I gave it a go and realised that it only took 2 seconds for me to say my name (Jane Jackson is pretty easy!) so I decided to play around and let people know a little more about me with a brief intro of how I can help you. 

Click on the sound icon 🔈 next to my name on my profile and you’ll hear beautiful music in the background and my soothing voice lulling you into a sense of calm. 😊

I’ve listened to some others – many people simply say their name, others have used their 10 seconds to the max.

>>> Watch my video so you know how to activate the feature. Comment below with the link to your profile and I’ll listen to yours!


2.    The Build a Resume Feature

This is handy LinkedIn feature if you don’t have a resume and decide to create your LinkedIn profile first. I have no idea why anyone would do things in that order, but assuming you do, then LinkedIn’s Build a Resume feature makes it easy for you.

What’s handy about it is that it pulls all your LinkedIn information within seconds into a document that is already formatted into a resume. Yes, within SECONDS! I tried it out and ended up with an 11 page document which is far too long and required a huge amount of culling to get it succinct enough for a resume! Remember this:


So I suggest you try it out and then spend time tailoring it to suit the job to which you wish to apply. It needs to attract the attention of the screener and have the right key words so that you’re a good match. This is a topic that I’ve written about in much more detail in my article, 15 Top Tips to Write a Powerful Resume” 

Here’s my YouTube video that explains exactly how to find the Build a Resume feature and how to use it.

While you’re on YouTube, subscribe to my channel for more job search tips.


3.     Job Interview Preparation Feature

Now THIS new LinkedIn feature is truly wonderful for job seekers as it guides you, step-by-step to prepare for job interviews and provides the opportunity for you to record yourself.

You can watch how you did and also send the recording to your career coach to critique and provide feedback. In fact, you can send the recording to anyone you’re connected to on LinkedIn who is willing to give you feedback!

I know you might feel a bit shy about recording yourself but if you get used to seeing yourself on camera, and you become comfortable with speaking to a webcam, it’ll be good for you when you have your video job interviews via Zoom or Microsoft Teams or whatever your recruiter or hiring manager may schedule for you.

For a step-by-step guide to this feature click here


4. Open to Work Feature

That GREEN BANNER that wraps “#OpenToWork around your profile photo broadcasting to the world on LinkedIn that you are available!

Some love it, some hate it. Here’s my take on it. If someone is seeking someone with your skills, they will be using key words to look for you. Those key words will help you to turn up in a LinkedIn search. Once they land on your profile, if your profile is compelling and relevant enough for the type of professional they are seeking, then they will reach out to you. 

Headhunters will reach out to you whether you are available or not. IF you are of interest they will approach you.

There are more job seekers than there are roles right now. To really stand out in a crowded marketplace you need to BUILD YOUR BRAND to attract your target audience.

Of course letting recruiters know that you are open to work is useful. You can choose to do that without adding that new green banner around your profile photo.

If you love the green banner, then it may be useful to use it to broadcast it to the world that you are open to work. Perhaps someone who knows you might have something for you and make contact.

I recommend that you use your TAGLINE/HEADLINE to tell the story of your expertise, and your ABOUT section to really project that you are the solution to the problems of your target hiring manager. Then, after they’ve read about you and are keen, at the end of the ABOUT section add that you are open for a discussion and include your contact email so they can reach out directly.

If the ABOUT section markets you well, then by the time someone sends that email to you, it’s because they are already partially sold on YOU. And that will be whether you have a green banner around your face or not.

I know some will disagree with me so let’s have a discussion – pop them in the comments below! There is no right or wrong, I respect all opinions.

So, there you have it, the 4 LinkedIn Features for Job Seekers:

  1. Voice Pronunciation Feature
  2. Build a Resume Feature
  3. Job Interview Prep Feature
  4. Open to Work Feature 

Which ones are you already using and which ones will you use?

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2 Responses

  1. Just been listening to this podcast after you follow-up on LinkedIn feature published 9th April.

    I like the way you have used the voice pronunciation feature to its full by advertising you services. It certainly has possibilities for job seekers as small selling tool. I hope people feel encouraged to try yours.

    I can appreciate what you say about the OTW banner. it has certainly had a mixed response. I’m giving it a go and will see what history records about this feature.

    1. Thanks Nigel – I hope you’ll give it a try. Send me a note when you’ve recorded your voice – I’d love to hear how it sounds on your profile!

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