It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Warwick Merry CSP on the Get More Success Podcast recently and talk about career management, development, and the future of the world of work. 🎧 Listen to our conversation here 🎧

Here’s what Warwick had to say about our interview:

If you want to create a career that you’ll really love, then Jane Jackson can help you to gain the clarity and confidence to make it happen.

Today’s podcast guest, Jane Jackson, is an international career management coach and an invaluable source of information on finding the job that is right for you.  Jane has chartered a successful career in public relations, health and fitness, corporate training and is now following her passion in helping others reach their successes.

As well as highlighting some terrific professional insights to help your search for the right job, Jane also shares some great ‘rule of thumb’ short cuts to boost your career journey.  In her talk-time with us today, you will pick up pointers on the value of tapping into global networks, like LinkedIn, learning as much as you can through self-help books and importantly, developing relationships.

Jane can be contacted at her website or at The Career Academy if you would like to connect with her.  Don’t forget to head to the Get More Success Facebook page for further discussions with like-minded people and to subscribe to the show on iTunes, too.

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