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Dr John Demartini – Human Behaviour Expert

Dr John Demartini has had his work on human behaviour described as the “most comprehensive body of work”, “an extensive library of wisdom” and “wisdom of the highest and most valuable order.”

To have Dr Demartini share his wisdom in this podcast interview is an honour and a delight. Dr John Demartini’s warmth, extensive knowledge of human behaviour and his humour shines through constantly during our conversation.

Be your authentic self

After Part One of our interview, we continued to chat. In Part Two, John shares a wonderfully humourous story that will inspire you to truly be your authentic self.

Dr John Demartini also shares a little about his life at his luxury residence on the world’s largest private yacht, THE WORLD. He travels the world with an elite group of pioneering leaders.

So listen to the end of this wonderful interview for his extra special story! You will discover,

“Many people are subordinating to mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers or small social groups. To communities, cities, state, nation or world, conventions or traditions.  As Kohlberg says, that’s where people are trapped, in one of those layers.  Some people break through and transcend that and give themselves permission to be authentic and live by what’s really meaningful. Not the ‘rules’.  And they are the ones who end up setting the new paradigm and the new rules for the future.  I would rather go and study and mentor under those individuals than be part of the herd. Because that’s the way you get heard.“

Dr John Demartini

Enjoy this fascinating interview and be inspired to live your best life.

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