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181 Kyle Elliot –

181 Kyle Elliot – Kyle Elliot, Jane Jackson, Your Career Podcast, SYdney, Australia, San Francisco, USA

           As a career coach, I enjoy sharing ideas with others passionate about helping others in their careers. One such professional is Kyle Elliot, MPA, CHES, who has enjoyed an interesting career journey himself before becoming Caffeinated Kyle! Join us during this lively interview in which we share the values, passion and […]

180 Maeghan Lee – Human Resources Specialist

180 Maeghan Lee – Human Resources Specialist Maeghan Lee, Human Resources, HR specialist, HR, jane jackson, career coach, careers, Sydney, Melbourne

           So, you want to get into Human Resources? Well, there’s HR and there’s HR! Have you felt a bit confused about what aspect of HR you’re most interested in? From HR Administration to workforce systems, to HR projects, people services, health and wellbeing, talent acquision, diversity and inclusion, change management and […]

179 Mireille Ryan – Social Media Marketing Institute

179 Mireille Ryan – Social Media Marketing Institute Mireille Ryan, social media, social madia marketing institute, SMMI, SMMA

           Mireille Ryan is an impressive professional – driven, dedicated and highly creative with a huge heart and big dreams. In this podcast episode, Mireille shares her career aspirations as a young woman, her career journey and how she transitioned into entrepreneurship, creating the Social Media Marketing Institute. In 2010, Mireille Ryan […]

178 Allan Pease – Mr Body Language

178 Allan Pease – Mr Body Language Allan Pease, Body Language, Jane Jackson, career coach, Sydney,

           I had the pleasure of interviewing Allan Pease, global body language guru in this episode of Your Career Podcast. During our conversation, Allan shares his top body language tips for job seekers and for anyone wanting to leverage positive body language in their daily lives. Allan Pease researches and studies the […]

177 Nissar Ahamed – Careermetis

177 Nissar Ahamed – Careermetis

           Nissar Ahamed is a Growth Marketer, Publisher and is successfully building the most comprehensive publication on Career Advice – CareerMetis is an Award-winning Career and Productivity Blog.  Nissar is a genius when it comes to content curation, growth hacking and social media strategy. Nissar is also an accomplished public speaker having […]

175 Elly Hurley – Chatbots & Messenger Marketing

175 Elly Hurley – Chatbots & Messenger Marketing Elly Hurley, Chatbots, messenger marketing, Nudge Marketing, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, NSW Police Force

           When I first came across Elly Hurley, I was so impressed by her willingness to share her expertise on everything to do with Chatbots. At the time, this was a new concept to me, and after our conversation I realised that there is so much value to gain from embracing messenger […]

174 Angela Vithoulkas – Leader, The Small Business Party

174 Angela Vithoulkas – Leader, The Small Business Party Angela Vithoulkas, the small business party, entrepreneur, sydney small business, small business, career coach, Jane Jackson, Careers, YOUR CAREER podcast

           What an honour to interview Angela Vithoulkas who is a second term independent Councillor at the City of Sydney, a multi-award winning 30-year small business owner, entrepreneur and advocate. In this podcast episode, Angela and I discuss her early career aspirations, how she was born into a family business environment and […]

173 Impostor Syndrome and How to Beat It

173 Impostor Syndrome and How to Beat It impostor syndrome, career coach, career success, self belief, confidence, self limiting belieft

           How to overcome Impostor Syndrome. I recently discussed how to identify and overcome this in a blog post in Michael Page Australia’s blog. If you need one-on-one support to gain the confidence and clarity to take control of your career, book in for a Complimentary Career Clarity Chat – I’d love […]

172 Ingrid Thompson Healthy Numbers

172 Ingrid Thompson Healthy Numbers Ingrid Thompson, Healthy Numbers, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Sydney, Australia, career change, Mosman,

           This episode of Your Career Podcast is a special one as I’m delighted to interview Ingrid Thompson, Founder of Healthy Numbers. We have known each other for a number of years, and I’ve always been impressed with how she has transitioned so successfully from a corporate career into entrepreneurship. ABOUT INGRID: […]

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