231 LinkedIn Audio Events – New LinkedIn Feature

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  DO YOU HAVE THE LINKEDIN AUDIO EVENTS FEATURE? To find out if you have this feature activated for your profile, go to your Home Page on your desktop, over on the left-hand side you’ll see EVENTS.  Click the PLUS SIGN and go through the process to set up LinkedIn Audio Events. Look for the […]

227 How to Navigate Your Career in 2022

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  Navigate Your Career successfully in the CAREER SUCCESS program. Get career support ON DEMAND to make a successful career change, land that promotion you desire and grow your career. Find out more today.

226 Dr John Demartini – Human Behaviour Expert

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Dr John Demartini – Human Behaviour Expert Dr John Demartini has had his work on human behaviour described as the “most comprehensive body of work”, “an extensive library of wisdom” and “wisdom of the highest and most valuable order.” To have Dr Demartini share his wisdom in this podcast interview is an honour and a […]

225 Nici Bickley SEO and Social Media Expert

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Nici Bickley was ready for a new challenge after a successful corporate career. She made the successful career transition to business ownership.  By creating her own company, Autom8Now, Nici is helping to simplify software, social media and SEO for small businesses.  With a background in tech, teaching and customer service Nici makes SEO simple. She […]

224 How to Get Clear on What You REALLY Want in Your Career

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The past year the BIG thing that has dominated my conversations with my clients (my corporate clients AND my private clients) has been the question, “What do I REALLY want in my Career?” My Career Clarity Pack has been THE most downloaded product in The Careers Academy.  So today, before you get swept up in […]

223 Helen Mac – Business Consultant & Speaker

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Helen Mac has taken control of her life, her career and her business and successfully reinvented her life. She helps business people to optimise outcomes without leaving their desk! WHERE TO FIND HELEN: Website LinkedIn   Is it time for you to take control of YOUR Career? Get the support you need with my 3-month […]

222 The Great Resignation & #ThisLittleGirlIsMe

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The Great Resignation Are YOU prepared for THE GREAT RESIGNATION and how to compete with the huge number of professionals who are, or soon will be seeking new and more meaningful roles?  Will you be part of this mass exodus? Do you know what is important to you in your career so you can make […]