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163 Alexandra Galviz #LinkedInLocal Co-Founder

163 Alexandra Galviz #LinkedInLocal Co-Founder Alexandra Galviz, linkedinlocal, linkedin, networking, localX, linkedinlocalsydney, linkedin local

           This is a very special episode as it comes 2 days before the 9th #LinkedInLocalSydney event on 7th November, one which brings 5 LinkedIn Experts together to share the latest LinkedIn insights and to raise funds for Buy a Bale, to support drought stricken farmers in New South Wales, Australia. SPECIAL GUEST […]

162 Ronan Leonard The Mastermind Guy

162 Ronan Leonard The Mastermind Guy Ronan Leonard, The Mastermind Guy, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Your Career Podcast, careers, entrepreneurs

           Ronan Leonard is an inspiring entrepreneur who is on a mission to challenge, inspire and support entrepreneurs. He’s created a global community of accountability. I caught up with Ronan in this podcast episode to find out about his career journey. What I discovered was absolutely fascinating. When Ronan was just 23 […]

161 Abbie White Sales Redefined

161 Abbie White Sales Redefined

             Abbie White is the Founder of Sales Redefined, she is ridiculously passionate about empowering Businesses to authentically increase their sales and get results. I was lucky to get to interview Abbie in the weeks before she had her first baby and became a true ‘Mum-Entrepreneur’! Abbie works with Australia’s leading […]

159 Amanda Blesing Executive Impact

159 Amanda Blesing Executive Impact Amanda Blesing, Executive Impact, Jane Jackson, Career, Leadership, Coach, Dancer, Fitness, empowering women

           Businesses with women in leadership equal to men deliver a 36% higher return to shareholders. However, many women Amanda Blesing speaks with say they feel lost in their leadership quest. As one of Australia’s freshest thinkers & speakers on feminine ambition,­ how to tackle it, spark it and see it flourish […]

158 Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder

158 Prema Smith Self Appreciation Day Founder Prema Smith, Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Self Appreciation Day, #selfappreciationday, #actor, #singer, #director, #mindfulness, #selfappreciation

           The 14th September is Self Appreciation Day It starts with you. An interview with Prema Smith – Actor, Director, Singer, Self Appreciation Day Founder WHAT IS SELF APPRECIATION? We, as humans, focus more on negative thoughts rather than positive. We think about our mistakes more than we think about our successes. […]

155 Femi Opaneye LinkedIn Optimization

155 Femi Opaneye LinkedIn Optimization Femi Opaneye, linkedin, linkedin optimization, career coach, Jane Jackson

           I met Femi Opaneye at a #linkedinlocal event at Old Street in London and found his career journey from law to investment banking to entrepreneurship fascinating. Femi is the Founder and CEO of Linked Optimization, which provides LinkedIn account management as a service, to enable sales professionals and businesses to generate […]

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