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Radio Interview: Communication Styles

Radio Interview: Communication Styles northside radio 99.3fm

Are you an Intuitor, a Thinker, a Feeler or a Senser?  Everyone has his or her own communication style.  If yours is very different from the person you are communicating with, misunderstandings can occur.  Learn the 4 communication styles, how to identify your own style and those of others and how to adapt your style […]

Working Women’s Magazine Winter 2013

Working Women’s Magazine Winter 2013 women's network australia

Business Etiquette.  Does it matter anymore? Have you noticed a sharp decline in people’s manners?  Etiquette is not an antiquated way of behaviour, it’s a positive way to behave. Read my article in Working Women’s Magazine Winter 2013.                       Working Women’s Magazine Winter 2013 Business […]

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