2UE TALKING LIFESTYLE: Drive Time with Nick and Kayley

2UE Talking Lifestyle: Drive Time with Nick and Kayley

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What do you do when you find yourself at a career crossroads at the age of 50 or above? Do you feel like you are too old to be hired again?

Instead of being worried about it, think of the positives – at your age you have options.

You have many years of experience under your belt – and in all likelihood, a range of interesting experiences. You will have connections within your industry and your work history will reflect your talents, skills and aptitude.

If you take any job out of fear that another one won’t come along soon and you’re feeling anxious, you may be wasting time or even worse, going down a track that is not right for you.

Take the time to consider what is most important to you, what you really want to do in the next phase of your career and also, most importantly, do a realistic assessment of your finances.

Do you need to work to pay the bills and/or do you want to keep working in a fulfilling role where you are with like-minded professionals and going to work every day is a joy?

My book, Navigating Career Crossroads, covers all the steps you need to take to make a successful career transition.  Listen to the interview (link below) on Radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle during Drive Time with Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett during which we discuss the following:

  • We often hear of people in their 50’s switching to do something they are passionate about after years of just earning a living … how common is that?
  • Is it realistic to expect to land your dream position mid-life?
  • Many people may not have written a resume for a long time or attended an interview, what’s your advice for people in this position?
  • How important are websites such as LinkedIn?
  • Many people just want to pay the bills and the idea of actually thriving in a job seems impossible, how can we change this mindset?
  • Does it matter if you take a job because of the pay or should you consider a company that will shape you into the person you want to become and continue to advance in your career?
Listen to the full interview below (8 minutes listen time):

2UE, Talking Lifestyle, Drive Time, 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Nick Bennett, Kayley Harris, Jane Jackson, career coach, Navigating Career Crossroads

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