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Manly Daily 16 April 2016
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Mosman Daily 16 April 2016
Happy employees equal healthy business … we’ve heard this before but organisations are now taking action.
The result – corporate wellness – could change the way we feel about working, productivity and stress.
Jane Jackson, career management coach and author of Amazon bestseller Navigating Career Crossroads, says Australian companies are making an effort to give back to their employees by providing more than just a pay-check.
“Corporate wellness programs are essential for employee wellbeing and the proliferation of workplace health facilities show that companies are paying attention to research results and seeking effective ways to enhance employee productivity, performance and satisfaction,” Jackson says.
She says according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40 percent of all workers are overworked, squeezed to the point of anxiety and disease and any incentive will help them, reducing absentee-ism related costs too.
“Employers who hope to attract and retain top talent, while decreasing the level of employee disengagement must offer the right mix. What’s offered must benefit both employee and employer.”
Janita Singh, News Local

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