Nissar Ahamed is a Growth Marketer, Publisher and is successfully building the most comprehensive publication on Career Advice – CareerMetis is an Award-winning Career and Productivity Blog. 

Nissar is a genius when it comes to content curation, growth hacking and social media strategy.

Nissar is also an accomplished public speaker having been the  President of Toastmasters International (Gavel and Glass Toastmasters Club) and Vice President of Education at Toastmasters in Toronto.

Having started his career as an engineer before moving to Canada and into a sales role with Chase in Toronto, then Canon, Robert Half, and then to marketing with Atomic Reach, Nissar has become a master of career reinvention and now, as the Founder and CEO of Careermetis, he has much wisdom to share with our audience on how to reinvent your career and how to build your brand through blogging and podcasting.

In this interview, Nissar and I discuss his career journey, his love of lifelong learning, books and how he made his successful career transitions. He has many fascinating stories to share!

Nissar’s top 3 tips for success:

Work to transform your Self
Invest in yourself – always keep learning
Break away from the obvious path, it’s ok to make a change

Nissar’s book recommendations:

Joe Girard – How to Sell Anything to Anybody

Robert Green – 48 Laws of Power

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