Working with clients on their career change so often has has a powerful impact on them. Little did I realise that the career change for one of my clients would result in her saving the lives of 2 young children this week. 

Helen, who decided to leave the corporate world to follow her passion, balance her life, and focus on a new career as a swimming instructor, was at the right place at the right time to put her training into immediate use while off duty at a national park lagoon. Here’s what she says in her email to me last night, and the news article to follow:

“Hi Jane

Hope you had a good break over Christmas thought I would just drop you a line as you would love a good news story that very nearly was so very different. A bit traumatic and still can’t quite believe it happened. We were on a family day out at the Royal National Park in Sydney. Please read the link below. Firstly it was a very busy time and lots of people around so quite strange that I spotted the boy and I think instinct kicked in from my recent training. This was not a lifeguarded beach so no other help or CPR trained people around. A bit traumatic as the boy was not breathing when I pulled him out thank God he started breathing after CPR.

Anyway this is one to tell for career change meant to be I suppose if I hadn’t trained as a swimming instructor would not have known CPR and then I hate to think of the outcome.


 News Article on ‘My Care Flight’ webpage

Well done, Helen!  You have started 2013 by making such a positive impact on the lives of this young family!

Has your career change made a profound impact on your own life and the lives of others?  Makes you think. 

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