Entrepreneurs are everywhere – Are you becoming an entrepreneur?

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If you are an employee working long hours, rarely taking holidays and never taking a day off because you are sick! You are just like an entrepreneur.


If you are working part time in an office and part time at home – you are just like an entrepreneur.


If you are changing jobs or careers every two to four years then you are the master of your own destiny. You are just like an entrepreneur.


Just because you may work for someone does not make you any less of an entrepreneur you are just on another path. Your path is one of less ambiguity, less risk and less reward. It is however a path that is followed by many and it doesn’t make you any less successful or less unique – just different.


You still need to be the best you can be and deliver your work and yourself in a professional and consistent manner. Jane Jackson , Career and Image Coach, can help with this!


Regardless of your entrepreneurial working choice make sure that you are passionate about what you are doing. Being passionate will make your working life balance all about life and therefore balanced.


So, are we all becoming entrepreneurs – Think about your boss as being your number one client, how can you make your client happy and well serviced so that hopefully in return you are well remunerated! Again if you are part time in a couple of positions then you have two clients that equally need to be serviced well.


This may sound like a new way of looking at things but remember if in the future you may want to become self employed it sets you in a great mindset for how you will be treating your clients.


If you are looking to become an entrepreneur why not start with our How to start a Small Business workbook.


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