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Robyn Hawke is an incredibly inspiring lady who has overcome multiple personal and professional challenges to become the talented interior designer she is today.

After a long career as a high school teacher, she realised this was not her true passion and direction. After much soul searching, took the plunge into a new career path by enrolling in a three year, full time design course to retrain as an interior designer.

At that time she had a 6 year old, a 15 year old who is severely disabled and a spouse who travelled extensively overseas for work.  Never one to complain, she possesses incredible resilience.  Robyn has also overcome a number of serious health issues. Her positive attitude is one to admire.

Despite the trials and tribulations of her personal situation she knew from day one of the interior design course she had made the right decision for herself and her family.

Robyn set up Inspired Spaces in 2005 and services several target markets.  Residential, small-medium business’ and property development with developers.

She believes that a physical space has an enormous impact on your ability to learn, work, relax and enjoy life.  Robyn knows her role as a designer is to interpret your needs, decipher your likes and create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

She believes interior design should reflect the personality/brand, life experiences and ethos of the company or homeowner and her mantra has become:

Interior design is a necessity not a luxury

Where to find Robyn:


Instagram: @inspiredspacesaus

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