I have a chat with Matthew Tukaki on Radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Second Career, about how a coach or a mentor can help you to make the transition successfully. Especially if you are over 50, making a career change can be daunting – here’s how you can embark on a second career successfully.


Follow these 7 steps for success:

  1.  Confidently manage change
  2.  Assess what really makes you tick
  3.  Resumes and your marketing communication
  4.  Express your professional image
  5.  Explore the job search strategies that work
  6.  Relate your value and impress at interviews
  7.  Strategies for career success and effective negotiation skills


Join The Careers Academy Online and take control of your career transformation!  You’ll find a wealth of career management support in The Careers Academy – podcasts, article, online training, webinars, masterminds, community forum support, etc.

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If you need some help and would like to be guided and supported each step of the way – book in for an exploratory conversation here.  I’d love to work with you.

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