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Matija Squire is a talented young entrepreneur with a big heart and a desire to experience all that life has to offer.

In this podcast episode, Matija shares her career journey from her early days as a young Mum at the age of 17, to taking control of her life and career at 19 by travelling to Japan, learning Japanese and becoming a Japanese teacher.

She has also experienced corporate life in accounts and sponsorship coordination in Sydney, before deciding to transition into entrepreneurship.

Listen to Matija Squire’s fascinating career journey, how she is able to manage her time effectively to be a great Mum, wife, and also build a successful business. Find out how her amazing business, The Paradigm Effect, came to fruition!

As the Founder of The Paradigm Effect and now a well-known LinkedIn Personality, Matija has a strong belief in the power of owning your story and having an authentic personal brand.

Matija loves supporting other start-ups and SME’s through her LinkedIn interview series and is always working on creative new projects, running monthly collaborative workshops on various topics from LinkedIn Branding to Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

Where to find Matija

Website www.theparadigmeffect.com.au

Twitter @theparadigmau


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