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Monica Rosenfeld is Sydney’s Public Relations specialist. She is the director of PR agency WordStorm PR. Previously she was a producer at Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’  where she says she learnt how NOT to do PR!

With a solid background in public relations, Monica is passionate about educating businesses on how to use the media’s thirst for content to their advantage and position them as THE influencers in their field.

Monica has worked with hundreds of businesses and specialises in entrepreneurs, disruptors and the not-for-profit sector. She helps increase their credibility in the public eye, builds trust and increases their bottom line by putting their brand in the media spotlight.

Monica Rosenfeld and her team have worked with brands such as Dilmah Tea, Sumo Salad, Just Cuts, Muffin Break, JUCY Campervans, Lindt Chocolates and Relationships Australia.

So how did Monica’s career journey begin? Listen to find out how she’s worked with brands including Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood before becoming a powerful PR professional and Sydney’s leading PR expert!

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Where to find Monica Rosenfeld:

Wordstorm PR

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