182 Bobby Umar – 5x TEDx Speaker

Bobby Umar, TEDx, speaker, career coach, Jane Jackson, Sydney, North America, careers, networking, personal branding, YOUR CAREER podcast, podcast

           Bobby Umar is one of the most prolific heart-based leaders in North America. Inc. Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, named alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson, Brene Brown, John Maxwell and Robin Sharma. It was an honour to have Bobby as my special guest on […]

120 Patrick Hollingworth – Contrarian Organisational Thinker

patrick hollingworth, jane jackson, career coach

               As a contrarian organizational thinker, Patrick Hollingworth has worked on the some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever built in Australia. He’s seen the very best of what large organisations can create, and also the very worst.  We have a fascinating conversation about his early days, […]

Speaking Engagements

Jane Jackson, Coach, Career, Speaker

Jane Jackson provided our members with an amazing presentation. Her engaging manner left all our delegates with a new perception of their image and what can be achieved with a more professional approach. Jane is humorous, engaging and extremely professional. We would not hesitate to recommend her for future events. Christine Chadwick, The Association of […]

72 Esther McKay – Forensic Investigator

         It was my pleasure to interview Esther McKay who is an inspiring keynote speaker and advocate for Veterans Affairs and Social Justice and I am honoured to share her story in this podcast. Esther is a retired Forensic Investigator, bestselling author and social justice campaigner who is a passionate and long-standing […]