The Difference Between a Resumé and a CV

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Do you know the difference between a resumé and a CV? Most people think that Resumés and CV’s are one and the same.  However there is a big difference between the two! Over the past 20 years as a career coach and recruiter, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumés however I’ve found many job seekers submit […]

15 Top Tips to Write a Powerful Résumé

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If you aren’t getting any attention from your resume you may well be thinking,”What’s wrong with my resume?” There might not be anything really wrong with it, it could be that you’ve just overlooked some essential elements that will make your resume stand above the competition. Over the past 20 years of coaching over 8,000 […]


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           Whether you are working with recruiters, making applications for advertised roles online, making a direct approach to companies you are targeting or networking, you need a resume. You may need a soft copy of your resume for emailed applications, a copy to attach to an internet application through a job search […]

How to Find a Career You Love

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If you are looking for a career change or you’re in between jobs and don’t know what to do next, here are 4 practical steps you must take to make the right decisions to find the career you’ll love. 1.             What do you enjoy doing? Imagine leaping out of bed in the morning and looking […]

Radio Interview: Effective Resumes

northside radio 99.3fm How do you create an effective resume that works?  Can you send out the same resume for multiple applications?  What are recruiters looking for when they screen your resume?  Learn all of this an more in this informative interview with Jane Jackson.

Supporting Street Smart – NAB Graduate Charity Night

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We were delighted to be a part of the NAB Graduate Charity night in February by donating a $450 Resume & LinkedIn Coaching Session as a prize.  The lucky winner of this prize on the night was Antonia Waddy!  Congratulations and I look forward to coaching you, or you can donate this prize to someone […]

10 No-Nonsense Tips to Get an Interview

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Looking for a new job evokes a wide range of feelings.  You might experience soaring exhilaration, excitement and anticipation in the early stages when you feel confident that the Universe will smile upon your every move.  If all goes according to your plan, the offer lands on your table, you sign and you’re off and […]

Résumé Writing and LinkedIn Coaching

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Create a Marketable Résumé and Powerful LinkedIn Profile Does your resume make recruiters/employers want to meet you? Does your resume stand out from the crowd and generate the desired interviews? Does your LinkedIn profile turn up in a search by recruiters? A professional résumé presented clearly and concisely with the information the screener is looking […]

Why Doesn’t My Resume Get Me an Interview?

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Power Up Your Resume! You’re looking for a new job and you’ve sent your resume in response to numerous advertised roles and … nothing!  If that sounds familiar then read on!  Is there really a résumé Black Hole? What happens to your résumé once you click on the ‘Apply’ button?     On average, every […]

Your Resume – What Are Your Accomplishments?

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Have you kept your resume up to date with your latest accomplishments?  Or is it lurking somewhere in the dusty cornice of your mind waiting to be dug out and brushed off at some time in the undetermined future?  It’s always a good idea to keep an updated resume with tangible accomplishments. Not just for […]