The Sydney Morning Herald

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The Sydney Morning Herald business section features an excerpt from  Navigating Career Crossroads by author, Jane Jackson Click here to read the original article in SHM  Explore Job Search Strategies that Work         Career management coach and author Jane Jackson shares an excerpt from her book Navigating Career Crossroads to provide encouragement […]

7 Steps for a Successful Job Search Campaign

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Find your Dream Job   Anyone who has experienced a redundancy or a change in employment circumstances that was not of their choice will agree that it can be a stressful time.  Often people get moving with a burst of job search activities.  If they are the right activities there is a strong likelihood of […]

69 Get a Job – Job Search Strategies

Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, 5 Get a Job – Job Search Strategies

Job Search Strategies There are 7 episodes in this JOB SEARCH SERIES within the Jane Jackson Careers podcast. Many listeners ask me about specifics regarding the job search or career transition process.  I’m going to make it really easy for you. From Episode 65 through to Episode 71 I discuss the essential steps to take […]

A Successful Job Search Needs a Curious Mind

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A Successful Job Search needs a Curious Mind As a career coach I work with individuals to identify their personal and career values, transferrable skills. We also discuss resume writing, cover letters, interview techniques and job search strategies. There are many books and articles available in the bookshops and on the Internet on how to […]

To Get a Job, Sharpen Your Axe

Do you know the best ways to get a job? Many people tackle their job search process by relying on the easiest option.  They make online applications to fill advertised roles and quietly wait and to be selected for an interview.  If they are called for a screening interview they walk in and expect to […]